How To Size Your Nails

How to Size Your Nails

Ensuring the perfect fit for your press-on nails is crucial for a natural look and comfortable wear. Here's how you can size your nails using our sizing chart or our convenient one-time $5 sizing kit:

Using Our Sizing Chart

1. Download the Sizing Chart :
Visit our website and download the sizing chart available in the "Sizing" section.

2. Prepare Your Tools :
You'll need a flexible measuring tape or a piece of tape and a ruler.

3. Measure Your Nails :
- Place the measuring tape or tape across the widest part of your natural nail.
- Mark the measurement if using tape, then measure the length with a ruler.
- Record the measurement for each nail.

4. Compare with the Chart :
Match your measurements with our sizing chart to determine your nail sizes. Our chart will provide the corresponding press-on nail sizes for each of your natural nailUsing Our One-Time $5 Sizing Kit

1. Order the Sizing Kit :
Purchase our one-time $5 sizing kit from our website. The kit includes sample nails in various sizes to help you find the perfect fit.

2. Try On the Samples :
Once you receive the kit, try on the sample nails on each finger to find the best fit. The nails should cover your entire natural nail without extending onto your skin.

3. Record Your Sizes:
Note the sizes that fit each of your nails. This information will be used for future orders to ensure you receive the perfect fit every time.

By using our sizing chart or our $5 sizing kit, you can easily determine the correct sizes for your press-on nails, ensuring a flawless and comfortable fit. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to DM us. We're here to help!
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